Models 1000 & 1050 (Indoor Use)
Models 1100 & 1150 (Outdoor Use)

FRAME: Extruded .090 heavy gauge aluminum has two sections. There is a 4" deep rear channel and a 2 1/16" door channel. The rear channel houses all the triangular prisms, gears, motors and lighting. The door channel houses an abrasion-resistant UV rated polycarbonate facia. The rear and the door channel are connected on the left side by a piano style hinge. A neoprene gasket fits between the rear and door channels to provide tight closure, creating an overall depth of 6 1/4". Aluminum cross bracing on the back panel increases overall depth to 6 3/4" on models # 1050 & 1150.

TRIANGLES: Four inch wide panels of .060 clear, extruded acrylic interlock to form a triangle. Double grooved-lip edges on all corners allow for easy insertion and securing of graphics or posters. Injection molded ABS caps connect the triangular prisms to the drive system at the top and to the lighting system at the bottom.

TIMING & DRIVE SYSTEM: Permanent geared synchronous motor actuates Teflon injected Derlin gears. There is one gear attached to each triangular prism. A gear consists of a continually rotating cam wheel connected to an intermittently rotating pin wheel. This creates a start-stop ratio of 4 1/2 to 1. Standard timing stops nine seconds on each side with two seconds rotation.

LIGHTING: Tru-Aim 20 watt halogen lamps located beneath the triangular prisms provide 5,000 beam candle power with approximate warm color temperature of 3,000 kelvin. Lightweight electronic ballasts efficiently transform 120V input to 12V output.

ELECTRICAL: Insulated 18 gauge wiring includes one ground, one neutral and one hot. All routed through block connectors, the lighting and motor modules are attached by snap-in type circuit plugs. Each unit is equipped with a junction box located in the bottom left hand corner. There is a 1" hole located 2" up from the bottom and 2" in from the side.

INSTALLATION: For wall mounting, there are pre-drilled holes located in the back rear panel on each side of the triangular prisms. There is no space for electrical conduit or installation fasteners in the area where the triangular prisms rotate. An additional 1/2" minimum on each side, top and bottom, is required for a recessed mount of up to 4". If fully recessed, allow another 2 1/8" on the left hinge side for door operation.

WEATHERPROOFING: (Applies to 1100 & 1150 Outdoor Cases Only) Powder-coated paint finish and silicone seal all joints and corners. 100% silicone is used to seal the polycarbonate facia inside the door channel. An AC fan is located in the bottom right hand corner. Ventilation is achieved through louvered holes on the right side of the frames rear channel.

STANDARDS: Indoor Model # 1000 & Outdoor Model #1100
Overall Dimensions: 33 3/8"w x 45 3/4"h x 6 1/4"d
Graphic Dimensions: 24"w x 39 1/4"h
Weight: 56 lbs. / Power: 120V 2 amp

STANDARDS: Indoor Model # 1050 & Outdoor Model #1150
Overall Dimensions: 55 3/4"w x 74 1/2"h x 6 3/4"d
Graphic Dimensions: 44"w x 68"h
Weight: 150 lbs. / Power: 120V 6 amp